Quad on circuit

Reservations are not necessary

We have at your disposal 4 pistes:

  • The 1st track is reserved for younger children, from 3 years of age, the child chooses there vehicle and drives alone in perfect autonomy. From 2 years they will be accompanied by an adult.
  • The 2nd track is a dirt circuit, where the child as early as 7 years will discover the quad safely.

  • The 3rd track is even bigger and is reserved for those 12 years of age and older, perfectly adapted for beginners as well as experienced, teens and adults.
  • And finally, for the adventurous sliders, the sports quad on the 4th track is for you!
Rates per person
Children’s Circuits
3 to 7 years
Electric vehicles 6 € for 5 mn
Children’s Quad 50 cc
7 to11 years
On a track 12 € for 10 mn
Quad Discovery 125 cc
From 11 years
15 € les 10 mn
Sports Quad 250 cc
From 16 years
On the track 20 € for 10 mn

– In 10-minute sessions –

Children’s Quad
Teen’s Quad
Sports Quad

Quad on supervised ride

Booking recommended

By phone

+33 (0)4 75 39 06 59

Online booking

Our program will allow you to discover the Ardèche on a quad 300 cc (or 125cc for 12-18 years old), on tracks and trails as far as you can see, between scrubland and steep sided landscapes, always favoring the OFF ROAD as much as possible.

You will be accompanied by a graduate guide, for your safety and to respect our beautiful environment. We have the privilege of being able to cross and discover the Ardeche 100% nature, through protected private landscapes, that is why we ask you to respect this natural environment and the people who occupy it (sliders are forbidden, to this effect we will issue you various instructions), we wish you to enjoy your ride without being a nuisance to others and the environment.

Quad ride
Quad ride
Quad ride
Quad ride

Different times and routes are offered:

Teenagers have their own 30- minute rides, and it’s a different sensation from the circuits we have. The more adventurous can choose a 45 min rides that will be a little more challenging.

For Adults (18 years plus) they also have 45 min rides on a solo quad or duo (additional charges apply).
This is the first step to off road riding. Other rides are also available from 1h00, 1h30, 2h00 or more (compulsory license B for the 1 hour plus rides), note that the longer you go, the more you will discover beautiful landscapes, but also more technical challenging passages, our monitors are there to advise you and accompany you.

For those who like to take risks, we also have more technical rides and trails (to be specified when booking), Riders must respect the environment, no sliders permitted. Monitor is there to help you and adapt the ride to make this a pleasurable experience.

Rates Quad on supervised ride Per person “Passenger”
supplement *
Mini Tour 30 mn – From 12 years 100% off road 37 € 10 €
Discovery tour 45 mn – From 12 years 100% off road 45 € 15 €
For 1h00 Beyond 45 mn:
Driving Permit B compulsory
57 € 20 €
For 1h30 77 € 30 €
For 3h00 (minimum 3 quads) 130 € 40 €
Lightweight Day (minimum 4 quads)
– Program below –
190 €

* “Passenger” supplement price from 16 years (free for children under 16 years). Driver of 18 years minimum.

Easy, less difficult Program

  • Departure at 10 am.
  • Meals at the hostel (included in the price).
  • Possibility of staying in a vineyard and / or goat farm (please specify when booking).
  • Return at 4 pm.

Booking conditions

  • Bookings by phone, a deposit of 30% will be required by Credit Card.
  • For any reservations not honored, the deposit is non-refundable (the Management reserves the right to cancel the booking if you fail to arrive on time for your booking).


  • Other durations are available. Contact us for more information.